Monday, July 21, 2014

Inspired by someone near and dear... I had a pencil drawing that inspired the poem, I'll have to look for it

"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words"

I was sketching a vision of a person I was thinking of.. It dawned on me, that even tho I don't usally care how people interpret my drawings. This particular picture has a story that belongs to her.

I have a vision of “She”

Free falling from the sky which “She” claims as home.
“She” knows she has let go, and must land hard in sorrow or softly in peace.
Lean to the left and karma be dammed for another eternity.
Lean ever so slightly to the right and peace envelopes her soul.
The latter makes sense to life looking in,
But the confusion created through the haze, makes a compelling invitation to hell.

The sage whispers “Her” sweet dream..

“She”struggles to hear the words.
They seem so far, too far to grasp.
If “She”could only stretch a little more.
“She” continues to fall, calling for all to shield her landing.
In summoning her life’s loves, she is blind to the legacy that unfolds.
While her sister awaits peacefully, holding a lotus in the palm of her hands.
“She”can’t see”Her”

Even though they are one and the same.

Grace Tran 

Even tho this may seem "Not so Happy", I have to disagree...Happy to know that more often than not we can make change if we so choose, it's in our hearts and hands.

Happy All The Time

Originally posted may 2005
 I wrote this in February of 2003, it applies today!

Grass is always Greener on the other side, till you get over there and find out theirs is painted.

What an eye opener that is! Painted! So much time and energy goes into fabricating a life. Life should just happen right?

Note: Super Womyn wearing those red tights and dang blue thongs it's getting harder to pull them on. Deep Breath.... step back and stop taking on more than you can handle. Priorities! I wanted to be mama the best mama I can be, not the best Super Mama I can muster... one day on, one day off. I believe in rebirth, the saying life is too short doesn't fly. How can you possibly cram it all in such a small amount of time? My soul is satisfied or dis-satisfied with my present and past life experience. I may not remember the time spent, but somehow it becomes embedded in the soul, recognized or acknowledged in the form of karma, deja vu... a smell, a sound, a touch. The dis-satisfaction haunts me.. urging me to mend fences. The satisfaction, lights the path to more of the same, more *Happy All the Time*.

Gottcha! it's not at the bottom *Grin*I have till age 65 to be *HER* so they say, but an eternity to be *ME*I'm in this for life so I'm taking care of *ME*Being mama rocks! I glow!Being *HER* is like a drug, when the high is is *SHE*

Originally posted 2/22/2003